Email Validation and Verification API#



Validate and verify email address

Input Params#

Parameter Type Requirement Explanation
email string required Any string need to validate or verify

Response Params#

Parameter Type Explanation
status boolean Whether the email address is true or not
message string String message about valid or invalid email

curl -H "Authorization: {api_key}" ""

Example Requests#

GET curl -H "Authorization: {api_key}" -L "{{url}}"

Example Response#


Error Handling#

HTTP response codes to indicate the success or failure of an API request.

Code Status Explanation
200 OK Successful request.
400 Bad Request Invalid request, or invalid parameters .
403 Authentication Not authorized.
404 Not Found The resource requested was not found.
5xx Server Error A fatal error occurred while processing the request. Try again.

All errors will be JSON object with a String array of errors:

  "errors": ["Malformed request"]

Plans Description#

Plan API Calls Price
Basic 5000 $15/Month Get this
Starter 50000 $40/Month Get this
Professional 100000 $70/Month Get this
Professional Plus 250000 $130/Month Get this

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